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Do I have to choose vendors from Log House Garden’s Vendor List?
No, our list of vendors are ones that we think do a great job, they love to work at our venue.
They show up on time, they are professionals that do not put stress on the bride & groom.

Are there any restrictions for decorating the log pergola or reception area?
We ask that you do not use stickers, glue dots, nails, tacks, or any kind of adhesives anywhere on the wood structures or chairs and tables that are on the premises. An alternative is fishing line, rope or wires. Real flower petals, dried flowers or soap bubbles are Log House Garden’s alternative to throwing rice, birdseed or confetti 
which are not permitted. Sparklers are also not allowed. Table decorating shall NOT include plastic or glass confetti or like items as they do not biodegrade. We do allow candles & helium balloons.

Can we share a bottle of champagne or shots while getting ready in our dressing rooms?
The ONLY time that alcohol may be consumed on the premises is when it is served by the licensed & insured bartender and the bartender is present at the venue. If your caterer or bartender agrees to come early to do this, that would be acceptable to us.

Is there electricity for my DJ/musician at the ceremony reception area?
Yes, we have lots of electrical outlets at the ceremony, reception kitchen areas.

Are animals allowed on the premises?
No dogs or pets except certified service dogs are allowed which must be kept on leash at all times.

Can my flower girl throw real flower petals?
Yes, as long as they are not artificial, silk or fabric.

Is there a refrigerator for my cake/flowers?
Cake yes, flowers no. Our refrigerators are too cold for flowers. They can be kept in the bride’s room.

Is there more than one event at Log House Garden at one time?
No, we only book one event per day. The garden area is exclusively yours to use. Also the
surrounding orchards, farm buildings & equipment are perfect places for your pictures to be
taken but are off limits to guests. We do not allow any tours or visitors on your wedding day. It
is exclusively yours for the day.

Is my reception over at sunset or do I have to be cleaned up by sunset?
Alcohol and dancing has to stop at sunset (see your contract for that time). Music needs to be
turned to a low volume. Then you have 45 minutes to gather your belongings, take down all of
your decorations & get all trash to dumpster at the northeast corner of the covered
patio/pergola area & complete kitchen & reception area check list. Make sure your DJ &
bartender know that they have to stop at sunset.


Do we need to sweep & stack chairs & tables after the reception?
No, Log House Garden will take care of the chairs & tables. We will be setting up for the next day’s event. Any food, decoration debris & water bottles need to be picked up from both the ceremony area & reception area & placed in the dumpsters.

What are the hours?
8 am until sunset. You then have 45 minutes to get all trash to the dumpster and gather everything you brought, leaving the rooms as you found them.

What is your payment & cancellation policy?
A 50% of the rental fee as a non-refundable retainer is due at the time of reservation.  Remaining balance is due 60 days before your event.  If you have to cancel – 100% of your money paid will be refunded if Log House Garden rebooks your date at the same or higher rate. If not rebooked, we are unable to refund all monies paid except the refundable deposit which will be refunded if it has been paid.

13.What kind of insurance do I need to have?
You must obtain a “CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE” from an insurance agent for
$1,000,000.00 that is valid for your rehearsal & event dates. The Certificate of Insurance must show Log House Garden at Willow Lake LLC as an “additional insured” & is signed by a
licensed insurance agent. The certificate of insurance must be received by Log House Garden
no later than 60 days before your event. If you use a caterer that is not on our list to serve
alcohol, Log House Garden needs a copy of their “Liquor Liability Insurance” showing Log
House Garden as a certificate holder. ALL alcohol HAS to be served by one of the bartenders
on our list or a caterer that carries “Liquor Liability Insurance”. They have to be a business and
have a business license. No friends or family members with OLCC serving permits will be
allowed to serve alcohol.

We love children & welcome them to enjoy the event. To ensure their safety they must be with
an adult at all times. We are a working farm & any barns, outbuildings, farm equipment, ponds
& water features & flower beds are off limits at all times. Children may play on the grass and
must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times.

Is there enough parking?
We have ample parking for all guests. We also have two ADA parking spaces.

Can we have yard games?
Yes, we encourage them. Croquet, badminton, bean bag toss games, ladder golf. We do not
allow any balls or Frisbees as they don’t get along with our flower beds!!


Other notes and requests: 
*Please feel free to stop by any time to walk through the garden. Also feel free to call or email if you
have any questions or concerns.

* Do NOT take tulle down from bell ringer.
*If you take the red couch out of the bride’s room, make sure you put it back before you leave.
* No sub-woofer speakers.
* Make sure all trash from kitchen, reception and the bride and grooms room area’s put in the
dumpster on the north side of the reception area before you leave
* Ask someone to be in charge of your gifts and cards. Immediately following the ceremony have
them put into a locked vehicle and make sure the birdcage gets back to the bride’s

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